Two New Releases!
Paranormal Romance, Ghosts, and Werewolves... oh my!

Nearly Human (Marked, Book 1)--Coming July 1!


My day started with three werewolves in line ahead of me at the deli, and it went downhill from there.

Coming home to small town Texas wasn't exactly on my to-do list after medical school but here I am, sitting pretty in my new role as Doctor Landry Babin, medical examiner, no longer Landry, that weird Babin kid.


There's two werewolf victims in my office and Ethan Stone, the new sheriff, in my waiting room.

The new sheriff who is also my high school boyfriend. And, oh yeah, a werewolf too.

There's someone experimenting on weres and humans alike, and I'm pretty sure I'm on their list of potential lab rats.

Whoever it is, they know that I'm not entirely human.

Coming in the second half of 2022... 

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In the Spirit (Medium at Large Book 4)--Out June 30th!

Things between Julian and Oscar are only getting better and stronger. They’re ready to take the next step in their relationship:

Going to the biggest paranormal investigation convention in the eastern United States to promote Bump in the Night.