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Reporter Wendell McCandless Jr is returning home to Dumbarton, Texas to cover the annual Alameda Family Thanksgiving Picnic and Baseball Tournament. But rumor has it that’s not all he’s after. 


Letters belonging to the late Joseph Alameda were found at Wendell McCandless Senior's junk shop, and they may hold clues to solving a century-old mystery—the disappearance of Joseph Alameda and Martin Bright!


Two men vanished without a trace. 

Both families involved believing the other was to blame. 


Gossip in town is that Wendell won’t be delving into the matter alone. Davis Alameda is determined to clear his family name by helping to unravel the mystery. Readers, you may remember that sparks flew between the two young men before they both left town a few years back. Can they put their resentments from the past aside and find the answers they seek? Or are we about to see a fireworks display that will put a Dumbarton July fourth celebration to shame? 

Between the Lines

a stand-alone contemporary romance


It's going to be a busy spring and summer here! Coming up in the next few months, you're going to see:


My very first MM Contemporary Romance!


A NEW SERIES! Shifters, people... SHIFTERS...


A NEW shared world series set in an amazing town with so many single dads...


A fairy tale retelling inspired by the Bremen Town Musicians and my SECOND contemporary romance!


And that's just this summer... the autumn is going to bring MORE Medium at Large, ZOMBIES, and a funny little story in an anthology set around Turkey Day...


In the meantime, subscribers to my Ko-Fi can get sneak peeks at what's ahead and a gander at the first few chapters of the shifter romance that's coming soon. And if you get my Very Occasional Newsletter, keep your eyes open for some special links to free first chapters of upcoming books!


And in super awesome news... Happily Ever After for Trans Kids is a group that is doing some amazing work to help kids in states where anti-trans legislation is either in danger of being passed or has already been put into place. I'm honored to have been able to volunteer a bit of time helping get the first bundle organized and want to share that they met and exceeded their fundraising goals for TENT—the Trans Education Network of Texas. Next up—Alabama! Check out their twitter or their website for more info on upcoming fundraising bundles and other way you can help support trans kids!


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