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Silas Crane believes in the magic of black coffee on a muggy morning, the prophecies of crows, and the monster under their bed.
Red flannel and graveyard dirt, the lock of a dead boy’s hair and an unspent silver bullet.
Uncle Micah’s glasses.
A flask of war water and a vial of Ma’s perfume.
The footprints of an enemy, sprinkled with Hotfoot and whispered over at dawn.
Simple magics are always the best, and Silas knows it.

The Not Deer on the edge of town at night,
The headless switchman who stops traffic,
The rattle of bones when you sleep wrong way ‘round,
The shadow man under Silas’ bed, whispering to them in the dark about Danny, missing and dead near ten years now…
Those take a harder sort of work than they’re used to.
Especially when Silas finds themself drawn into Fetch’s world, following his whispering voice in the dark into the strange magics that create creatures like the shadow man under Silas’ bed.

Fetch is the first book in the In the Pines series. It is MX between a human and a shadow man from under their bed. It is a sloooooow burn series with the "heat" only coming in book 2 onwards.

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