There's a science to magic...

Surrounded daily by people with enhanced abilities, I’m well aware I’m nothing special. Fortunately, we all have our strengths. Mine happen to be less thrilling than superhuman abilities. Data analysis and being a great match-maker—for anyone except myself—are where I shine. 


(Cue sad trombone noises.)


All of which made it all the more confusing when my routine lab tests came back showing anomalies. Me? Enhanced? There had to be a mistake. And I’m not only one who thought so. I wanted to catch the attention of my delicious, sex-on-a-stick office mate, Andrew Hicks. But not like this...


Now, tasked with partnering with Andrew to track down other undocumented Enhanced, I’m faced with two gut-wrenching decisions. Do I risk heartbreak by acting on the attraction brewing between Andrew and I? More importantly, am I doing what’s right by forcing other Enhanced out of hiding? 

Data Sets is available at most online retailers and in paperback.


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