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Coming June 30th!

    Coming June 30th!


Not everyone could say their luck started improving the day they got hit by a car, but not everyone was me. Which was good because one me is all the town of Lester Cove can handle.

Ever since, murder's been afoot and my new friend seems to be right in the thick of things. Mrs. Witte is a sweet older lady but she cannot keep herself from getting involved with the murder mystery, and her stepson Benjamin seems to think that’s somehow my fault.

Look, I’m just a washed up child star turned accidental pet sitter and sometimes plucky sidekick. I had nothing to do with the deaths that seem to be happening at an alarming rate, deaths Mrs. Witte thinks I can help solve thanks to my way with people. Dealing with Ben's antipathy is on my list, right below cleaning up after a dead woman's dog.

Tea and Antipathy is a slow burn cozy romance with an MM romance woven in through the mystery.

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