I have to admit, my college crush telling me I was everything he'd been looking for on the same day my life went to hell in a hand basket wasn't as great as I thought it'd be.

Mostly because he meant it in more of a scientific way than a take me now, you scarecrow of a man sort of way.

Sean is brilliant. He's on the verge of a breakthrough in biomagical research that could change everything, not just for the magical community but for the entire world. All he needs is proof that his theories are true... And I might just be it.

Remember my life in that hand basket? Sean decides to come along for the ride as I try to outrun the people I thought were on my side. The people who manipulated me into working against everything I believe in. The same people who also want Sean dead and his research in their hands.

It's not all terrifying: Sean is still a sexy, adorkable geek. And my heart still does that funny flutter thing whenever I see him. The fact we can't keep our hands off each other definitely makes the moments of sheer terror a little easier to handle.

Discrete (Science of Magic Book 3)


An ex in the bedroom, a spare dead body in the walls, a grey lady on the stairs... Just another day at work.

What's ahead for 2022...


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We're starting the year off with Discrete (Science of Magic Book 3) coming on January 17th! In March,it's my first contemporary, NON-PNR, Between the Lines, and then in May, Ring My Bell, a fairy tale retelling of  the Bremen Town Musicians story (yep, another contemporary!) set in a small mountain town known for it's star-making music festival.  It's not part of a shared world but part of a shared adventure with several other authors who will be releasing more fairy tale retellings over the rest of the year. And after that... Where They All Go, a dark, semi-angsty, PNR about the monster under the bed... And  that's just the first half of the year!

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