Magic on the Run...

I was kind of halfway in love with Royce. Royce just wasn’t aware of that, I didn’t think. Sure, we went at it like cats and dogs verbally but I was pretty sure he didn’t know I wanted to go at it like... things that go at it in a naked way. Marmots? Muskrats? Wasn’t there a song about muskrats doing it? He didn’t know I wanted to go at it like muskrats from a 70s yacht rock song.

Officially, I'm a research associate for Halloran and Reynard, a small but powerful magical research lab. Unofficially, I work for Doctors Halloran and Reynard themselves, tracking down missing and runaway magic-users trying to stay out of the grasp of folks who want to control magic-users, turning us into lab rats and squeezing us dry before throwing us into the trash heap. I wanted to keep Royce out of it, keep him safe, so I broke things off with him as soon as I realized feelings had well and truly been caught.

It wasn't my brightest move, really.

When Royce decided to tag along with me on what was supposed to be a simple recon trip to check on a known rogue magic-user, everything went straight to Hell and my attempts to protect him by breaking off our burgeoning relationship were for nothing. Now we're both running and I have no idea how I'm going to get him out of this before they catch up to me.



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