Time to take this show on the road...

It’s not that Julian minds his new job. It’d just be nice if it didn’t come with so many murders. Especially when those murders end up with his not-quite-boyfriend talking to ghosts.

Or, in this case, a ghoul.

Their road trip to Colorado in the name of bonding for the new show Bump in the Night takes an unexpected side trip to Budding, Texas: Home of the Wandering Ghoul and a half-dozen missing person cases in the last ten years.

Not exactly the best slogan for the tourism board.

Just another day at work.

Oscar takes it in stride, even as he’s juggling some strange shifts in his abilities and Ezra’s increasingly distant behavior, but when the Wandering Ghoul makes an up close and personal appearance one afternoon, it might be too much even for Oscar to handle.

Between trying to understand the sudden changes in his abilities and whether or not a relationship with dedicated skeptic Julian is worth the possible heartache, Oscar has an undead fanboy who won't take no for an answer.

They really should have just taken a plane.



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