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Adam Tewson is mad at me, but it's totally not my fault.

It wasn’t my fault that his family has ties to some super shady political groups, or that his dad’s bestie is a senator caught up in a magic user trafficking ring. And it’s not my fault that my expose on the famous Tewson family political dynasty shows the world (or, okay, like six thousand subscribers) what all that glamor and old magic is hiding.
It’s hiding some real messed up stuff, okay? Like… super bad.

And Adam had no idea until I told him.

Missing magic users, lab-grown magic, and deep political pockets do not a good public image make. But they are the ingredients for one hell of a news story.

I just wish I'd known who Adam really was before we started hooking up.

Scientific Method is the fourth book in The Science of Magic series and can best be read after the previous three.

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