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The problem with pop stars is...we have a short shelf life.


Since I started in the business a decade ago—as a dewy-eyed pre-teen—a clock has been ticking over my head, counting down the minutes until I faded into obscurity. I thought getting the guidance of Raymond Montaine,hit-maker extraordinaire, would catapult my career into the stratosphere. Instead, he scammed me out of money before moving on to his next target. 


I want payback for all he cost me, and there's only one person who can help. The only other artist I know who hates Raymond as much as I do. 


Mathis Reisner.


Sexy as sin, and a brilliant composer, Mathis could be so much more than he believes himself capable of. While my first goal is ruining Raymond, getting Mathis in front of the audience he deserves is quickly gaining ground.


The funeral business is burying me. Entrusted with Morris Funeral Home and Crematorium, the company that has been in my family for four generations, I fear it's going to go belly up under the growing pile of bills. But the troubles haunting me don't end there. My son's teachers don't seem to understand how to work with a kid like Eddie, leaving me zero time for myself. 


Then there's Ambrose Jennings. The quirky baker is catering Delia Dennis' wake, and I can't seem to get him out of my head. 

The last thing I need right now is any kind of romantic complications in my life. Still, Ambrose is boisterous fun and chaos wrapped up in a sexy, tempting package. Maybe one little taste of the baker's goods wouldn't be the end of the world? 


When Ambrose gives me a sample of the sweet treats he has on offer, both of us ache for this to become more than a taste test. I don't know if it's enough to let go of my reservations, or if circumstances close the coffin on our chances for any future together.


Breaking News!

Reporter Wendell McCandless Jr is returning home to Dumbarton, Texas to cover the annual Alameda Family Thanksgiving Picnic and Baseball Tournament. But rumor has it that's not all he's after.

Letters belonging to the late Joseph Alameda were found at Wendell McCandless Senior's junk shop, and they may hold clues to solving a century-old mystery—the disappearance of Joseph Alameda and Martin Bright!

Two men vanished without a trace.

Both families involved believing the other was to blame.

Gossip in town is that Wendell won't be delving into the matter alone. Davis Alameda is determined to clear his family name by helping to unravel the mystery. Readers, you may remember that sparks flew between the two young men before they both left town a few years back. Can they put their resentments from the past aside and find the answers they seek? Or are we about to see a fireworks display that will put a Dumbarton July fourth celebration to shame?

Not everyone could say their luck started improving the day they got hit by a car, but not everyone was me. Which was good because one me is all the town of Lester Cove can handle.

Ever since, murder's been afoot and my new friend seems to be right in the thick of things. Mrs. Witte is a sweet older lady but she cannot keep herself from getting involved with the murder mystery, and her stepson Benjamin seems to think that's somehow my fault.

Look, I'm just a washed up child star turned accidental pet sitter and sometimes plucky sidekick. I had nothing to do with the deaths that seem to be happening at an alarming rate, deaths Mrs. Witte wants me to get to the bottom of to clear her friend's name. Dealing with Ben's antipathy is on my list, right below cleaning up after a dead woman's dog.

Science of Magic



Surrounded daily by people with enhanced abilities, I’m well aware I’m nothing special. Fortunately, we all have our strengths. Mine happen to be less thrilling than superhuman abilities. Data analysis and being a great match-maker—for anyone except myself—are where I shine. 
(Cue sad trombone noises.)
All of which made it all the more confusing when my routine lab tests came back showing anomalies. Me? Enhanced? There had to be a mistake. And I’m not only one who thought so. I wanted to catch the attention of my delicious, sex-on-a-stick office mate, Andrew Hicks. But not like this...
Now, tasked with partnering with Andrew to track down other undocumented Enhanced, I’m faced with two gut-wrenching decisions. Do I risk heartbreak by acting on the attraction brewing between Andrew and I? More importantly, am I doing what’s right by forcing other Enhanced out of hiding? 



I was kind of halfway in love with Royce. Royce just wasn’t aware of that, I didn’t think. Sure, we went at it like cats and dogs verbally but I was pretty sure he didn’t know I wanted to go at it like... things that go at it in a naked way. Marmots? Muskrats? Wasn’t there a song about muskrats doing it? He didn’t know I wanted to go at it like muskrats from a 70s yacht rock song.

Officially, I'm a research associate for Halloran and Reynard, a small but powerful magical research lab. Unofficially, I work for Doctors Halloran and Reynard themselves, tracking down missing and runaway magic-users trying to stay out of the grasp of folks who want to control magic-users, turning us into lab rats and squeezing us dry before throwing us into the trash heap. I wanted to keep Royce out of it, keep him safe, so I broke things off with him as soon as I realized feelings had well and truly been caught.

It wasn't my brightest move, really.

When Royce decided to tag along with me on what was supposed to be a simple recon trip to check on a known rogue magic-user, everything went straight to Hell and my attempts to protect him by breaking off our burgeoning relationship were for nothing. Now we're both running and I have no idea how I'm going to get him out of this before they catch up to me.



I have to admit, my college crush telling me I was everything he'd been looking for on the same day my life went to hell in a hand basket wasn't as great as I thought it'd be.

Mostly because he meant it in more of a scientific way than a take me now, you scarecrow of a man sort of way.

Sean is brilliant. He's on the verge of a breakthrough in biomagical research that could change everything, not just for the magical community but for the entire world. All he needs is proof that his theories are true... And I might just be it.

Remember my life in that hand basket? Sean decides to come along for the ride as I try to outrun the people I thought were on my side. The people who manipulated me into working against everything I believe in. The same people who also want Sean dead and his research in their hands.

It's not all terrifying: Sean is still a sexy, adorkable geek. And my heart still does that funny flutter thing whenever I see him. The fact we can't keep our hands off each other definitely makes the moments of sheer terror a little easier to handle.


Adam Tewson is mad at me, but it's totally not my fault.

It wasn’t my fault that his family has ties to some super shady political groups, or that his dad’s bestie is a senator caught up in a magic user trafficking ring. And it’s not my fault that my expose on the famous Tewson family political dynasty shows the world (or, okay, like six thousand subscribers) what all that glamor and old magic is hiding.
It’s hiding some real messed up stuff, okay? Like… super bad.

And Adam had no idea until I told him.

Missing magic users, lab-grown magic, and deep political pockets do not a good public image make. But they are the ingredients for one hell of a news story.

I just wish I'd known who Adam really was before we started hooking up.

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