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Once upon a time, I made a dumb decision.


I'd be the first to admit when I'd made a mistake. Okay, maybe like... the third. At least in the top ten.But the fact I was kind of married to Ellery Hebert, highborn son of the demon-born clans, wasn't something I really considered a mistake. Mostly because no one but the two of us, and the nice folks at Sweetbriar College, knew. And it was kind of up in the air about whether Ellery really knew anymore or not. I hadn't seen him in years, not since the day after graduation when I came back to our campus apartment to find divorce papers on my pillow and his things cleared out to the walls. That was three years ago and I'd moved on with life but I have the devil's own luck...

Once upon a time there was a handsome prince with. er. assets like a peach and sarcasm sharp enough to kill a man.


When Simon didn't return the divorce papers, I had hope. Kind of.I knew we would never be anything more than conveniently married, but the longer it went without him signing those papers, the more that little seed of hope grew into a giant tree of stupidity deep in my heart. We were never supposed to be together, not according to the demon-born and definitely not according to the faerie folk that had raised Simon. But still, I had hopes. Maybe if I'd told Simon first that I was ass over teakettle in love with him, that would've helped.

Once upon a time, nosy relatives got involved and things went very pear-shaped.

Every magical clan, culture, and race is coming together to decide whether or not we make ourselves known to the human world once more. For centuries, we've been hiding in plain sight for the most part, living as humans when we can and disappearing into our little folds of the universe when we can't. When my marriage to Simon is discovered by my mother and used as an opening salvo in the fight to get demon-born recognized as a part of the magical community, I had no idea how horribly everything would unfold or how it would end.

The Devil You Know is approximately 54k words of MM paranormal romance with low angst, snarking, awkward reunions, a marriage of convenience, too many antiques of decided rudeness, bad faeries, good demons, a death sentence and a life sentence.


Less than two weeks till the winter solstice and somehow it's my fault the witches have misplaced their damned bells. If they weren't such jerks about demon-borns being part of the Grand Council and their plans, maybe they wouldn't need to use the stupid things anyway. But until they're ready to admit that without us, there'd be no them, I guess they're out of luck. It's just dirty pool to send Whitaker Frost, scion of the Frost witch clan, one of the lead Council members behind the Revelation movement, and sexiest man alive ohmygods to my shop when I've been accused of hiding those damned bells and endangering the witches' annual winter solstice ritual to maintain their powers and ruin the planned Revelation to the humans in the process.


No matter what Rowan thinks, I haven't forgotten our encounter at the summer solstice, and I know for a fact he hasn't either. The way he looks at me when he sees me in his shop just before the winter solstice is enough to set me on fire without the help of any of his demon magic. I don't blame him for being hesitant with me—I am a witch, after all, and witches have been doing their damnedest for centuries to keep demon-born out of magical communities and gatherings and now, the planned Revelation. I wish he'd understand that I not only want him in the council, but in my bed, my life...

The Devil May Care has witches, demons, faeries, enemies to lovers to friends who are lovers, and a happy ever after. Parts of this story were previously published as a novella, Jingle MyBells.


What happens in Vegas... gives me a migraine.


It's the same old story. Astrophysicist goes to a boring conference.Astrophysicist meets an amazing guy.Astrophysicist loses guy's contact details, gets fired while at the conference, then gets dragged to a job interview by his new best friend.Astrophysicist finds out his hook up is a... a demon. It's not that I don't believe in the supernatural, or magic, or... Okay, yeah, it totally is. I'm a man of science. I'm open minded enough to admit that, if you came to me with any sort of hard proof of something not of this world I'd believe it but until that happens, I am a card carrying member of the skeptic club.We meet on Tuesdays. Newbies bring the snacks.

Bright Lights, Big Problems

Alastor: Hook ups are supposed to be a one and done thing. They're not supposed to be the most amazing man you've ever met and haunt your every thought to the point you do something stupid like ask your brother for relationship advice (trust me, if you knew my brothers, you'd know why this is a bad idea).They're definitely not supposed to accidentally reveal the existence of magical beings to the human world.The Revelation has been rescheduled and it might be the fault of Mark Stern, the man currently staying in my guest house.The man who is number one of the Most Wanted list for the Fae, Witches, Demonborns and... Well, everyone who isn't human.Instead of another year until the Revelation, where all Magicals were to reveal our existence to humans, we have less than a week. And instead of forgetting about the amazing, magical night we had in Vegas, I want to relive it with Mark constantly.I'm just afraid we don't have the time.


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