• Meredith Spies

It's alive!

Holy cats, the website is finally up and live! HUGE thanks to Samantha Santana/Amai Designs for making this so pretty and shiny!

Devil in the Details is out NOW and I'm so excited to bring y'all the third book in the Bedeviled series! Right now, it's the kind-of-final book--there's plans for a book of short stories in the Bedeviled world (titled Speak of the Devil), tentatively due out in early 2021, following the arcs of the Demons and their partners in various side-flings and little adventures. I'm sad to see them go but I'm excited to bring y'all some more awesome things, like the upcoming AU/spec fic set in a world where magic has always existed, but now it's fading and people are trying to find a way to bring it back. I won't spoil it for you right now but keep your eyes peeled for more details in a few weeks, both here or on my socials.


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