• Meredith Spies

It's beginning to look a lot like spooky season...

In a few days (well, six days so double few?) I have a bit of an announcement that's exciting for me to share and definitely is in the spirit (ha) of the season! But in the meantime, some news I can definitely share now:

Some of y'all may remember Bump in the Night and Hunter's Mark. I took them down off Amazon for a bit of a freshen-up. There's been no meaningful content change but there are definitely new covers coming, and some sprucing up around the metaphorical edges. I'll be releasing Bump in the Night later this winter, and Hunter's Mark soon after. That's right--I'll have two series going at once, but never the twain shall meet. Two very different universes, two very different sets of characters. I'll post updates as they come but I'm very excited about these two series getting a freshening. And the other books in the series, which haven't been released yet, coming out in 2021, too!

Before I get off here, I wanted to remind y'all I have a short story up in a Prolific Works giveaway until February, with SO MANY awesome authors! Faraway Places is part of the Paranormal and More set in LGBT Romance Deals' Prolific Works giveaway. If you haven't already, visit the site and check out all the amazing stories up for grabs and get some for yourself.


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