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What's up...

It has been hectic a.f. lately and as much as I'd like to lay the blame entirely at 2020's feet, it's also because I have the very bad habit of trying to do a thousand things all at the same time. It was one of my new year's resolutions not to do that but... Well. Here we are. *ahem*

A few of the things I've been up to include a super secret project I can't say anything about until late November but I will say you should really sign up for my newsletter if you want to find out and I hope you're on Prolific Works, too! If you're not on Prolific Works, I highly recommend it. Tons of authors in all genres post novellas, shorts stories, and even full length novels for readers to download and read for free (and that's another hint about the project right there!).

I've also been head-down in edits for Data Sets, the first book in the Science of Magic series. The series is a bit spec fic-ish, set in an alternate universe very like this one but where magic has always been real, always been a part of life, but now it's fading and scientists are trying to find out not only why some people have magic and some don't, but how they can improve it and even revive it once it's faded out in a family line. Of course there's romance involved in the story--it wouldn't be one of mine if there wasn't.

And for folks who are interested in my Ko-Fi page--there's a sneak peek up of some upcoming cover art, and this week I'll be posting the first chapter of an exclusive-to-Ko Fi story that will be released into the wild in mid-to-late 2021. Readers on Ko-Fi will have already gotten a first look by then, though!

Take care of yourselves and be safe--it's been a stressful, horrible, anxiety-inducing year and it's not over yet.


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